Wednesday, September 2, 2009

artist statement

When growing up in a fairly large family, it is a constant battle to be noticed and recognized for something your siblings have not already done. While my brothers, sisters, and I all played a variety of sports, I was always attracted to the idea of creating, drawing, inventing something new even. Being able to do what my brothers and sisters struggled with gave me my own spot light. Ever since I can remember, I was constantly drawing, doodling, and coloring during my classes. Art classes seemed to be a joke or free time for most of the kids I attended elementary and middle school with, but I took it to be a time for work. In high school, most of my concentration when into my art classes, where I was most comfortable. I was always excited for a new project, but despite all this, I still was not sure where I would end up with an interest in art.

             Upon entering college, when I first started out figuring my niche in the art world, I easily became frustrated. I felt like the more I tried, the more lost I became. I never quite felt like I fit in with the art world. I was excited to try new things, venturing away from the repetitive high school work. Through the introductory drawing and painting classes, I knew that I felt most comfortable with drawing. Despite my comfort, I always had an attraction to photography, and the idea of pausing time. The way a black and white photograph can capture any emotion felt while taking the picture, or even generate feelings that may have not originally existed. I feel as though no matter how simple the subject matter is that you photograph, it becomes transformed into a complex dialogue through the contrasting black and white. The photographs are immediately antiqued and retain a very personal connection of the artist and subject. For myself, art, especially photography, is simply something that should excite you, motivate you, and inspire you to constantly build and challenge yourself to do better and be better. 

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  1. For a first run, your artist statement is pretty well formed. There are some grammatical errors in the statement, so I would go back through and take a look. Also, if photography is what you are really really interested in, maybe we should hear more about that and less about what you "thought" you might do, use to do, etc. Maybe more about why you are drawn to it and what you want to accomplish with your own work.